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Our Mission is to empower companies and individuals around the world to become more competitive while at the same time fulfilling their potential. We are committed to helping our clients acquire the necessary tools and skills that will allow them to make distinctive, lasting, substantial and measurable improvements in their performance.

Here, at NDI Training & Consulting, we measure our success by that of our customers. Our goal is to enable them manage projects more efficiently and negotiate more effectively. We make all our resources available to our clients and commit ourselves wholeheartedly to their success. We seek to identify their real needs, not just deliver quality training and consulting. NDI Training & Consulting understands that our efforts must create real value. To accomplish that, our work has to be designed in such a way as to provide insight and often times change the mindset of our clients. Our actions must lead directly to clients taking action and executing their business in new ways. We take pride in trying to enhance their capabilities, delivering both competitive advantage and bottom-line impact. Our team possesses the academic qualifications, professional certifications and diverse international business experience that allow us to bring a unique perspective into your business.


Our internal values and culture guide our actions. We believe in:

  • Professionalism: Acting with the highest degree of professionalism at all times, ensuring our actions further promote the reputation of our clients.
  • Integrity: Conducting business honorably, in an ethical manner and a sense of fairness is something we take very seriously and try to practice every single day.
  • Respect of people and ideas: Being open to new ideas and embracing diversity are of paramount importance to us. We respect the need of individuals for personal and professional growth, as well as the talents, ideas, beliefs and values they bring with them in the workplace. Therefore, we make a conscious effort to value ideas on their merit rather than on their origin, age or prevalence. We acknowledge that respect requires both truthfulness and empathy. We deal with one another in an open and honest way that will allow us to be useful. We also encourage and, in fact, seek out constructive criticism that will motivate us to become better at what we do.
  • Passion: For results, completely aligning with our clients for their success
  • Commitment: We are dedicated to accomplishing the highest possible quality, delivering the most up to date; academically sound, practical and client-tailored training and consulting in everything we do.
  • Practicality: We practice an approach that allows people to put into use the many theoretical concepts and skills they acquire through our interaction with them, focusing on getting the job done and turning decisions into effective and productive actions.
  • Intellectual curiosity: Our stance toward knowledge and life in general. We fight our urge to become set in our ways, we constantly seek new information, ideas and ways to do things and we examine, evaluate, test and often challenge any theory or method in order to validate its real life relevance. Therefore, we do not a priori, accept of reject any new ideas or new approaches in doing business. This curiosity allows us to be innovative and resourceful, always maintaining a fresh and often novel viewpoint, developing up-to date and relevant material. We periodically re-examine and challenge accepted ideas or assumptions and scrutinize the way we operate to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our clients at all times.
  • Team collaboration attitude: By extending the highest degree of trust, respect, and support in all our interactions.
  • “Grounded” business conduct: Although we strive to do the best job possible by constantly delivering exceptional results, we believe it is important to do that without taking ourselves too seriously.

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