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Project management training


In today’s highly competitive work environment, having the credentials to match your work experience is critical to differentiating yourself from the rest. It is also a sound way to help you become more marketable. Whether you plan on advancing from your current position or are considering new employment opportunities, taking our CAPM or PMP exam prep course and eventually obtaining a certification, will prove to be an invaluable method of bolstering your career. By completing either our training seminars will allow you to be well on your way towards becoming a highly knowledgeable, effective, irreplaceable and trusted project manager.

NDI Training & Consulting provides seminar training in Project Management with courses that lead to the most recognized Project Management certifications worldwide awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI). Project Management training allows individuals to use a universally accepted framework for doing projects and a set of tools based on globally recognized best practices, providing organizations with a common language of communication for those involved with projects, to ensure their successful completion.

Whether you want to become more knowledgeable about project management, plan to change careers and become a project manager, or are simply considering a new job opportunity in another company, taking up a project management training course will help you pass your exam and obtain either your CAPM or PMP certification, thus allowing you to take a step closer to attaining your professional goals and fulfilling your career aspirations.

Negotiation training


One of the most important business skills one can possess in today’s competitive business world is the skill to negotiate effectively. It is also a skill that unfortunately manages to elude the vast majority of people in business, whether they are high-level executives or entry-level employees. Although the usefulness of knowing how to conduct negotiations in a structured and disciplined manner seems to be self-evident, what is less evident is how to obtain that knowledge and develop the skills that will allow us to become more confident and effective in negotiations.

To compound the problem, academia has realized only recently what most people in the business world knew all along: that in order to be a successful businessman, you need to be a proficient negotiator and in order to be a proficient negotiator, you need to approach negotiations in a structured manner, recognizing it is an intricate process that requires having extensive knowledge of the different negotiations strategies and tactics available.

Our civilization has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last two millennia but many of us seem to be negotiating the same way our distant ancestors did. That realization alone would not necessarily be problematic, if it were not for the fact that many of the long-honored behaviors we may exhibit during a negotiation are counterproductive. Far too many people approach negotiations being either timid or overly confrontational, often letting their emotions or egos to get in the way.

Our negotiation seminar here at NDI Training and Consulting, is designed to help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to perform effective and profitable negotiations. It can assist you and your company in making wise and financially sound deals with other suppliers, vendors, clients and business associates that will help keep your business healthy and financially lucrative. See our course here

Other Seminars


NDI Training & Consulting has created a series of seminars that aim to address the ever-growing needs of today’s corporations for acquiring knowledge and skills that will allow them to become and remain competitive. In a rapidly evolving world, a lot of the things that we were taught are no longer applicable. The amount of knowledge that is produced every year is increasing at a geometric rate. As a consequence, a significant percentage of previous knowledge and old skills is becoming obsolete. Employees should have a way to keep up with the times, if they don’t want to become irrelevant. The seminars can help them gain a new understanding on otherwise known topics by updating their knowledge and by enabling them to demonstrate in practice the findings the latest academic research and business practices have to offer. The seminars provide individuals the way to add to their arsenal new skills or better categorize and utilize already existing knowledge in a manner that will yield better results in their day to day interactions in the workplace.

NDI Training & Consulting allows you to enhance core skills and to stay ahead of evolving trends. Professional training is essential for enabling you to assert yourself on the global market and to be successful. New insights, as well as new methods, tools and business practices are available today and can help you become more productive and your company more efficient. That’s why we have developed innovative seminars that offer you efficient training with real added value. Our business seminars achieve high quality results. They are designed so as to allow participants put immediately into practice the new skills they learned during training.

The cost of the seminars can be covered from the LAEK 0.45% OAED program and cover PDU requirements for the CAPM and PMP Certifications.

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