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Building and Managing Effective teams


Virtually every employee has, at one time or another, been a member of a business team. Undoubtedly, being able to build and develop effective teams is of paramount importance to most organizations since rarely do people get to produce significant results without the contribution of others. Our work is closely interrelated and, in fact, often times depends on the work of others. In order to perform our job duties effectively, we usually need information and input from other employees. Therefore, whether you are a member of a business team or its leader, it is crucial to understand team dynamics and the role they play into the productivity and effectiveness of the team. A group of individuals working for the same assigned task does not necessarily constitute an effective and productive team.

So, how do we turn a group of individual employees into an effective team? How do we get the most out of team members? How do we enhance their performance? How can we resolve conflicts before they become detrimental to team goals? What can we do to motivate employees when we don’t have the power to reward them or the authority to reprimand them? How do different personality types affect team performance? All these and other questions will be answered at our seminar helping you gain a solid understanding on what it means to work within a team and what you can do to produce better results whether you are a team member or the team leader. Throughout the seminar, you will be able to apply the theoretical concepts that you learn to a variety of situations presented in group exercises.

It can also cover the maintenance PDU requirements for the CAPM and PMP Certifications.



Unless you live on a remote island working by yourself, you will benefit from the seminar since understanding how to function within a team, how to interact, overcome obstacles and produce concrete results for your company, is essential to your career advancement. Anyone working with teams from high level executives, managers in virtually any business function, project leaders, team leaders, as well as businessmen and small business owners, can benefit greatly from the knowledge they will get at our seminar. The tools and techniques that you will learn can be applied immediately at your work signaling the beginning of a profound and positive change in the way you approach teams and carry out your work. The duration of the seminar is 12 hours.



  • What is a team?
  • What are the characteristics of the team?
  • Team structure. Size- Norms-Cohesiveness-Composition
  • Assigning team roles
  • Team dynamics and personalities
  • Team effectiveness. What are the factors?
  • Characteristics of successful and unsuccessful teams
  • Reasons for High and Low productivity
  • Understanding Performance
  • Creativity and Innovation in teams
  • Inter-group behavior and performance
  • Leadership style and team performance
  • How to deal with difficult people
  • Power. Who has it -How to use it
  • Team decision making techniques
  • What does the latest research on motivation tells us? What are the implications for teams?
  • Facilitating teamwork
  • Motivation and team performance. What is the link?
  • Addressing and resolving conflict. How to Prevent it-How to reduce it.



$ 480 per participant

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